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Reclaim Your Kitchen

Are you going for an antique or nostalgic look and feel in your kitchen? If so, consider creating a traditional atmosphere with reclaimed would flooring. Obtaining reconditioned wood that has been removed from another home that has been prepared for installation can generate an extremely unique, rustic feel  that may be just the atmosphere you

Choosing Appropriate Lighting

Adequate lighting is the ‘mood setter’ of the entire room. Achieving the appropriate mood can be accomplished through a variety of methods including: Natural lighting Wall Lighting Track lights Lighting Near the Stove and/or Sink Choosing the type of lighting, as well as the amount of lighting will contribute to the ambiance you and your

Donate Good Working Appliances and Fixtures

To offset the financial commitment that goes along with a kitchen remodel is to donate used items to a local charity for a deduction on your income taxes. Any fixtures in good working order can be donated to local charities. This not only helps you recover some of the expenses associated with your investment, but

If Hiring a Contractor Check References

If you decide to hire contractors to perform the work that will go into your renovation or remodel, You may consider taking the precautionary step of finding out a bit about the person’s background. One way you can get an idea of the quality of the work they perform is to check with state licensing

Determine What You Will Need

Kitchen remodels involve a lot of planning and decision-making. For example, choosing a counter top to suit your needs can be difficult if you aren’t well informed. This is where good research and study can help.  For example, if you are trying to decide between granite and marble, it helps to know how granite compares