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DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 5

Getting a Finished Look on DIY Cuts

In the first four parts of this 8 part series, we have been seeing how to perform a DIY granite counter top install. The counter is attached to the cabinet, but there are some edges on the granite that are not as smooth and finished looking as the factory edges are. With some elbow grease, however, you can get an edge that is very similar. Continue reading DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 5

Choosing Appropriate Lighting

Kitchen LightingAdequate lighting is the ‘mood setter’ of the entire room. Achieving the appropriate mood can be accomplished through a variety of methods including:

  • Natural lighting
  • Wall Lighting
  • Track lights
  • Lighting Near the Stove and/or Sink

Choosing the type of lighting, as well as the amount of lighting will contribute to the ambiance you and your guests will feel in you newly renovated kitchen.