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If you have looked into having your kitchen remodeled or renovating this all important room yourself, you may have realized that there are a number of things to keep in mind regarding the project. Even if you hire a professional to do the work, it certainly helps to be aware of what the project entails. This post will discuss two important aspects of a kitchen remodel that homeowners should keep in mind; Where to find ideas, and how to mange the cost associated with a kitchen remodel.

Getting Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodel

One of the biggest things to keep in mind for your kitchen remodel is where to get great ideas. There are a number of effective resources available for remodel ideas.

Pinterest has tons of images that you can browse to get inspiration. Viewing expressive photos of a finished presentation can help you visualize specific colors together. From flooring to cabinets, if you want to see the finished product before you ever begin the job, Pinterest might be a great place to begin.
Gray Kitchen Remodel
Another great resource for getting ideas is Houzz. This Houzz community is made up of professionals that work in industries related to home improvement, interior design, and remodeling. Houzz professionals are often times very willing to give reliable advice to homeowners looking for some encouraging guidance. The pros on Houzz can really help you avoid making mistakes that might be common to many people that first start out doing renovations or remodels.

The Cost of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Another factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen is cost. The price tag can vary when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. The amount of money you end up paying for the renovation will largely depend on the scope of the work, the items you plan to update or upgrade, and whether you are the one doing the work.

The amount you spend on your kitchen remodel can depend on a number of decisions you make. For example, your choice of material alone can impact the overall cost. Your decision of whether you will do the demolition yourself can also play a role in the size of the bill. One way to keep the cost down during a kitchen remodel is to keep the existing flooring. This yield a savings in both material and labor.

While it may not reduce the price of your kitchen remodel, you might elect to perform your updates in stages. Choosing this method may not reduce the cost, but it will spread the cost out over more time. To many homeowners, a few smaller bills over the course of a few years is more appealing than one huge bill immediately. One family planned their kitchen remodel in the following way:

Example 3 Year Plan

  • First Year: New Appliances
  • Second Year: New Flooring
  • Third Year: New Counter Tops

Together the above upgrades could have presented a cost of over $10,000. But when spread out over a three year period, the expenses were more manageable. Choosing to remodel in stages though depends on the condition of your kitchen and how long you can wait for the upgrades.

As we have seen, there are ways to customize your kitchen remodel. There is no one right answer or one single way of updating or renovating a kitchen. If you know where you can find inspiring ideas and you know how you can manage the cost of your project, you can tailor your kitchen remodel to your liking.

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