DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 8

Series Conclusion and Recap

Well, after about a week of posting, reviewing, and commenting on this project, we have reached the conclusion of the series covering how to install a granite kitchen counter top. This video is basically a summary of the entire project that consists of the previous 7 videos that are listed below.

Project Summary and Recap

This project consisted of seven videos and this recap video. the previous seven videos give you a walk through of how to install granite counter tops on a budget. Those videos can be found at:

This video is a summary of the entire project and even explains some of the additions that were made to the original scope and some tips that will really add to the finished presentation. At the beginning of the video, you are shown the old kitchen and counters. Then you are taken through the new kitchen as he recaps the work, the add-ons, and the mistakes made. Finally, the cost of the project is mentioned at the end. Here is a before and after:

Old Tile CountersNew Granite Counters

Mistakes and Gotchas Encountered

Through the course of any project there will be unforeseen obstacles some of the challenges encountered in this job include:

  • Wrong backsplash calculations
    • You need more backsplash length than counter top length
  • Backsplash joints could have been cleaner
  • Corner cut on the granite counter
  • Noticeable seem on short counter from not using a guide on the cut

These mistakes were caused by the layout of the kitchen. If the kitchen was some type of Galley Kitchen, it might not have been as difficult and there might have been fewer visible rough spots.

Total Costs

Counter Top Portion = $ 404.03

  • Sandpaper
  • Granite
  • Saw blades
  • Sealer
  • Epoxy
  • Adhesive

Non-counter Top Portion = $ 300.03

  • Range hood
  • Mortar for tiles
  • Switches and switch covers
  • Painted the whole kitchen
  • New sink

Total Cost of Entire Project = $ 704.06

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