DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 6

Granite Backsplashes to Match The Counter

In precious videos in this series covering how to install a granite counter top, you have seen a variety of tips and tricks that include cutting, salvaging material, how to handle granite and haul it in such a way that it does not get broken or cracked, finishing harsh edges made from your imperfect cuts and many other techniques. This video continues by showing how to install the backsplash and trim out existing features of the room.

Making a Splash With Granite

In the first post of this series under the subheading Review of Existing Counter Tops, I mentioned that this video series would demonstrate the need to think seriously before going to buy materials. This video mentions the error I was eluding to in that post. Additionally, we are reminded of the care that needs to be taken when working with certain pieces of granite. Long, pieces of natural stone is especially susceptible to breaking.

In addition to those tips, there is more cutting and sanding to fashion pieces of backsplash to match the finished edges from the factory. The video then shows how to re-purpose some of the old ceramic tiles that were not destroyed during the demolition step shown in the first volume of the series at the end of the link in the previous paragraph.

Trimming out the tile work behind the stove and the window in the room is done with scrap granite leftover from the previous cuts that were made earlier in the project when the sink opening was cut out. This video is a very good demonstration of how to use and re-purpose leftover material from the project.

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