DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 5

Getting a Finished Look on DIY Cuts

In the first four parts of this 8 part series, we have been seeing how to perform a DIY granite counter top install. The counter is attached to the cabinet, but there are some edges on the granite that are not as smooth and finished looking as the factory edges are. With some elbow grease, however, you can get an edge that is very similar.

Finishing Edges Cut With a Circular Saw

When you cut granite by hand, you end up with edges that are very hard and square. If the edges of your stone have a rounded finish, this will most likely be noticeable. How can you get the edges that you cut to match the factory’s edges?

Sanding in a systematic manner with the proper supplies and sticking with it until you are satisfied with the appearance is the key. This video demonstrates how to accomplish this.

Also in this movie you will learn a trick to keeping your adjacent surface free from scratching and damage while you are grinding  away at the edge you are working. During the video, you will hear the mention of the amount of time this step takes and how much sandpaper you can expect to go through as you smooth out the granite’s edge.

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