DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 1

Granite Counter Top Project: Part 1

In this video series, you will see exactly what goes into fabricating a granite counter top. While this kitchen might not be considered luxuriant, the video does a tremendous job of demonstrating how temperamental granite is and what kinds of things you will need to keep in mind before and during the project. Below the video, you will see a summary of what is discussed in the movie.

Review of Existing Counter Tops

The existing counters are made of ceramic tile. While the tiles are very nostalgic, they are about thirty years old and the grout is coming out. Additionally, the tiles are starting to crack. After a discussion of possible surfaces, the decision is made to go with granite. The reasons for the decision are mentioned and challenges are acknowledged. As you will see later in the series, there are other things that should have been considered before going to buy the materials.

Removing the Old Counter Top (Begins at 4:55)

For the new counter top to be installed, the old ones have to come out. If you are replacing or upgrading a tile counter, this will be of interest to you. carefully removing these tiles pays off later in the project and you find out later on in the series.

Cleaning the Counter for the Granite (Begins at 8:50)

Before installing the granite, the surface must be cleaned and the area needs to be measured so that the materials can be obtained. Right here is one of the ‘gotchas’! Be sure you accurately measure the area so you end up with the right amount of the granite. If the calculations are not correct, you will end up with too much or too little. This could present a problem.

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