DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 7

Finishing The Seams and Sealing

During the course of the project we have been viewing in this 8 part series of videos, there have been places where the granite meets the wall or other pieces of stone. These joints and seams need to be sealed up and camouflaged so that they are not noticeable. What should you use? What cautions or warnings are needed? This installment in the series answers those questions.

Sealing the Seam Caused By the 45° Cut

If you have been watching each video in the series, you may remember that in the long video where the counters were cut from the granite, there was a tricky cut that included a 45° angle, and then another one to match it on another piece of stone. These two pieces fit together to make corner. At that corner there is a seam that needs to be filled so that it is not noticeable and is smooth to the touch.

For these types of seams, there is a specific compound that is designed to conceal this necessary joint. In the video you see how to use it and what to be mindful of as you fill these creases up.

Sealing Other Seams

For the seams that are not as conspicuous, you’ll need a different solution. These joints are found where the granite backsplash meets the counter top. Another area that will require sealing is the area around the edge of the sink that is installed in this video as well. This is done with a different compound.

You will also pick up a couple of other tips from the sink install having to do with plumbing and salvaging pieces from the old sink.