DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 4

Attaching a Granite Counter Top

In this 8 part video series on how to install granite countertops on a budget, the previous videos have demonstrated how to remove old countertops, handle and transport granite, and what to watch out for while cutting you natural stone. This movie shows how to glue the granite to the cabinetry.

Positioning, Placing, and Gluing Down the Granite

Compared to the previous segment, this video is very short. However, there are some tips to keep in mind when you fasten a new granite counter top to old existing cabinets. Lining up the counter with the cabinet is important because if you remember from previous videos, there is a 45° cut to allow for the stone to make a right angle. If the stone is not positioned exactly right, the seam where the two pieces of stone meet, will not be smooth and it will be very conspicuous.

Another thing to consider is how to apply the glue and what to do in order to get the granite counter top sitting on a perfectly flat surface. These techniques are what this brief video covers.

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