DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 3

Cutting Granite With a Circular Saw

In this 8 part video series, we have been reviewing how to install custom granite counters without spending a ton of money. In the last video (part two), you saw how to handle the granite slabs while hauling and unloading the slabs. In this movie, you will see what tips you can keep in mind while cutting the natural stone slabs.

Supporting the Granite While Cutting

Handling granite properly is important even after you get the slabs unloaded. In fact, during the entire project, you will need to keep some basic tips and principles in mind. One thing to remember is that even though granite is very strong, when you are dealing with slabs that have a large surface area, you need to transport them and carry them in a particular manner. The video mentions this and other tips for cutting granite stone smoothly even if you are using a circular saw for the job.

Tips for Cutting Granite Slabs (Throughout the Video)

A specific collection of challenges exist if you are cutting a very hard material such as granite. Challenges that are covered in the movie are:

  • How can I prevent chipping?
  • How can I set up a circular saw to cut granite?
  • Is there a trick getting a smooth cut?
  • How to prevent the saw from walking.
  • What kind of saw blade to use for the cutting.
  • How can I cut an angle?
  • How to cut a hole for a sink.

Hard materials can be brittle and this feature of the natural stone can result in chipping or cracking if you are not careful while cutting. Keeping the surface free from scratches, nicks, and breaking can be avoided if you set up the work area in a proper way. Additionally, how you cut the stone will also make a difference. All of these obstacles are compounded when you consider the fact that each cut can only be made once. You cannot ‘uncut’ a stone. However, in the video you will see how to minimize the risk by strategically planning how you will make the cuts.

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