DIY Granite Counter Series: Volume 2

Granite Counter Top Project: Part 2

In this 8 part video series, you see exactly what goes into fabricating a granite counter top. In the first movie, the old counters were removed. This video focuses on getting the granite from the supplier to the project site. Below the video, you will see a summary of what is covered in the movie.

Hauling the Granite

Hauling granite requires some precaution. It is not like hauling a truckload of gravel. In order to haul it successfully, you will need to have some sort of support mechanism. Without it, you risk breaking or scratching your investment. Taking the precautions demonstrated in the video will assist you in getting the material home safely.

Unloading Slabs Cautiously (Begins at 4:37)

Handling the granite slabs is a feat that requires strength if you do not have the proper equipment. While fabricators invest in granite transport carts, the ‘do-it-yourself’ granite installer will not likely have the funds to buy or rent this type of equipment. The video demonstrates another possible solution at the 4 minute and 37 second mark.

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